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Enjoying the Suds Safely

We have learned that my one-year-old is part fish. Her antics in the bathtub leave no other explanation for her fearlessness and excitement over water.

This week she laid on her belly in the tub and dunked her whole face under water for about two seconds. She did this over and over. How many adults still fear submersion, let alone an 18-month-old?

To keep bath times fun and not so dangerous, I recently purchased my newest of Mommy's Favorite Things. A Moby Bath Spout Cover:

This handy plastic cover is totes adorbs, and is perfect for keeping little heads from bonking into the sharp, metal tub faucet. Ce has a blast with hers.

Now she can rinse the shampoo out of her hair and I don't fret about a head injury.

I bought mine at Bed, Bath & Beyond but found them at several of the big box baby stores and online. It is $12 and very handy. The sides adjust to tighten around the spout so curious hands can't pull it off, and the tail is also a handy hook when you don't need Mr. Whale's protection.

We give it two squeaky clean thumbs up.

My Wild Princess

A few days after learning the sex of my baby, way back in 2010, I declared war on hair bows and pink lace.

Knowing I was carrying a little girl in my womb made me fiercely determined that I would not subject her to gender stereotypes. I carried on about how I didn't want her covered in giant hair ribbons when she really didn't even have hair, or wearing tutu's for purposes other than ballet class.

Yeah, that lasted long.

I could not deny my sweet girl this Cinderella dress when we stumbled upon it at the consignment store. I sold my anti-girly-girl stance for $2.50. Such a steal.

At least in this photo I can imagine CeCe wearing this dress and "crown" with a sense of power. I love how she raises her hands in such authority as if she is greeting her cheering subjects.

"My People- it is I, Queen Cecelia."

CeCe ran around in this frilly dress with her lacy headband on, but instead of curtseying she was climbing on the coffee table and occasionally lifting the skirt up to her chest. What royal behavior from my rambunctious little princess.


Mother's Day Gifts for a Mom-To-Be

Dads-to-be, here is your chance. If your lady is currently pregnant on Mother’s Day, this is pretty much your only chance to get her the great gift. Every year from now on you will be outshone by macaroni necklaces and finger paintings.
These are my top picks for Mother’s Day gifts for a mom who is still housing her baby come May 13.
  • “Mom” jewelry. Much nicer than a future tattoo on your child’s bicep. I still wear the “Mommy” necklace I got at the hospital. Blinged out or simple and sleek, you can find “Mom” necklaces or bracelets at any jewelry store this month.
  • House cleaning gift card. Bonus points if this one doesn’t have an expiration date.
  • A prenatal massage. A massage is a great gift for mothers at all times, but some relief from pregnancy aches and pains will be much appreciated.
  • A body pillow. Special body pillows contour to the shape of a pregnant woman sleeping on her side. Even if you don’t think she needs it now, she will.
  • A pretty maternity or nursing top. Yes, they do exist. Go to your local maternity store and find something that suits her pre-pregnancy style.
  • A decaf gift basket. If your pregnant lady was a coffee addict, make a cute basket full of decaffeinated coffees and teas. (And a “World’s Best Mommy” mug wouldn’t hurt.)
  • A fancy date night. You will spend plenty of time in family-friendly restaurants for the next decade of Mother’s Days. Take her somewhere nice where you can cherish the remaining time you have as a free couple.
Whatever you end up buying, try to avoid baby gear. This day is about celebrating mom. The baby will get plenty of gifts over the next few months, so let this day focus on the woman who is carrying your precious little one and what she means to you.


A Cardboard Canvas

I took inventory of our living room last week. CeCe has approximately $11 billion worth of toys. Or at least, that is what it feels like when you try to walk across the room.

But even with all these singing, dancing, noise-making, lights flashing, headache-inducing toys, she is satisfied with the simple things.

CeCe has a new art studio now:

We are preparing to move so boxes are everywhere. In the midst of one of her tantrums because I dared to tell her "No you may NOT color on the walls," I decided to give her some walls she could color on.

I used a kitchen knife to cut out some windows and a door then handed CeCe a box of crayons. She soon had a working canvas to express herself that also doubles as a little hideaway.

The edges around the door and window do pose a risk for paper cuts, so I grabbed some duct tape from the store and played Interior Decorator for our box house.

We play peek-a-boo through the windows and her Daddy wrote out the ABC's across the sides. It has been a great addition to our play area and cost us less than $5 to make. Not bad for a quick fix on a rainy day.