A Cardboard Canvas

I took inventory of our living room last week. CeCe has approximately $11 billion worth of toys. Or at least, that is what it feels like when you try to walk across the room.

But even with all these singing, dancing, noise-making, lights flashing, headache-inducing toys, she is satisfied with the simple things.

CeCe has a new art studio now:

We are preparing to move so boxes are everywhere. In the midst of one of her tantrums because I dared to tell her "No you may NOT color on the walls," I decided to give her some walls she could color on.

I used a kitchen knife to cut out some windows and a door then handed CeCe a box of crayons. She soon had a working canvas to express herself that also doubles as a little hideaway.

The edges around the door and window do pose a risk for paper cuts, so I grabbed some duct tape from the store and played Interior Decorator for our box house.

We play peek-a-boo through the windows and her Daddy wrote out the ABC's across the sides. It has been a great addition to our play area and cost us less than $5 to make. Not bad for a quick fix on a rainy day.

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  1. What a cute idea! I didn't even think of duct tape to make box forts last longer! What a great idea!