Handy Helper

For any of you DIY Mamas out there, I posted an article for Baby Bump Lexington on how to make your own faucet extender out of a baby shampoo bottle. You can see it here! 

Here is a peek at the finished product:


Mommy's Favorite "Mega Bloks"

With temperatures about to reach 100 degrees here in good ol' KY, I am so glad I purchased this giant bag of my latest "Mommy's Favorite Things" to keep CeCe entertained in the A/C when the backyard is not an option.

"Mega Bloks" have provided us with hours of entertainment lately. They are exactly what they sound like: Oversized blocks, Lego-style, for little hands to stack and build whatever their toddling brains can imagine.

While they do become a tripping hazard (for mommy), the big bag they come in makes clean up and storage a breeze.  The pieces are too big to be a choking hazard and are easy to clean.

I love this product because it exercises fine motor skills to connect the pieces. Better than that, CeCe is using her imagination. Most of the time she just builds beautiful walls, but I can see these toys lasting for a looooong time.

I bought our Mega Bloks at Target on sale for $18. There are two different color sets for "boy" and "girl" Mega Bloks, but I opted for the "boy" set. I see no reason my future architect think the world is painted solely in pastels. 

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Let's Hear It For The Boys!

Happy Father's Day to all you Proud Papas or Fathers-to-be out there!
Today and all days I strive to remember how blessed I am to have the best father a gal could ever need. My daughter is equally lucky, to have a daddy who loves and cares for her so very much.

So thank you Daddy, for letting me choose my own path and supporting me every step of the way.

And thank you Matt, for being my counterpart and the best partner a mom could wish for.


The Scary Sounds

I thought CeCe wasn't scared of anything. She will try to touch a hot stove, tries to ride dogs like they are horses and jumps off the couch simply not caring if you are there to catch her or not.

But we have found her weakness. My one-year-old's version of the Boogie Man is my Bissell.

When I plug in the vacuum she backs away with terror in her eyes, whimpering. She runs to the nearest adult, climbing their legs like a tree to be protected from this clamoring monster.

I've heard this is a common fear among young ones. But what I don't understand is this- CeCe is petrified when it comes to the vacuum. And she loves lawn mowers.

When Dad or neighbors mow the lawn, she wants to be outside, on the edge of the grass, just watching. She will try to get dangerously close to a lawn mower and will not leave until the yard is fully trimmed.

Can someone please explain the difference in these two scenarios to me? Because I am stumped. Appliance that you push, that makes a loud noise as it moves ... One is scary, one is fascinating.

Maybe it's time we buy her a toy vacuum to help overcome this fear, because her tiny plastic lawn mower was a hit:

If only these toys came with some functional ability. We could use some extra help around the yard.