My Lovely Little Literate

We made the decision to limit screen time in our house a few months ago. While we've had plenty of cheat days when the baby is sick or Mom and Dad reach the absolute end of their ropes, but overall our attention stays off the TV more than it used to.

We play a lot of records to fill the quiet, and CeCe is quite fond of Tom Petty, Jethro Tull and Warren Zevon. Of course I predict all her little friends asking me heartbreaking questions one day like "What's a record?" or "What is a Jethro Tull?" Oh, you poor babies of the digital age. You miss out on so much.

Beyond a musical education, reading is a vital part of our everyday routine. I have started a "Book Nook" in the new house for CeCe. It still needs decorating, but is functional at this point:

We also get Mom and Dad in on the reading action:

A combination of these efforts has produced the result we desired. Whenever we have an "Oh crap, where is the baby?!" moment, she can be found in one of two places: Putting graham crackers in the toilet, or in her room reading to herself. The former may be annoying, but the latter is worth it. I stealthily recorded CeCe "reading aloud," and her version of the story is incredibly animated:

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