What Does Mommy Say?

Now that CeCe has mastered all basic vowels and the majority of consonant sounds, it seems she learns five new words a day. But of all the food, color and weather words we know, our 20-month-old loves to make animal sounds most of all.

"CeCe- what does a sheep say?"

"BAA BAA!!!" Most excited sheep EVER.

Her Daddy will sometimes end the session by asking "What does CeCe say?!"

She often responds with "Yay!" or just a simple screech of elation. So I decided to throw her a curveball the other day.

"What does a cow say?" "MOO MOO!" What does a duck say? "WACK WACK!" "What does a dog say?" "WOOF WOOF!"

Very sneakily, I asked "What does Mommy say?" Without missing a beat, my toddler threw her finger up to her lips and said "SHHH!"

This caused me to reevaluate my preference for inside voices. I was hoping she would respond that Mommy says "I Love You!" or something else to that degree of cuteness. Nope- apparently Mommy is known for saying "Zip it up kid, sounds carries in this house."

Since this little scene tends to make people laugh hysterically, CeCe has turned it into a bit. She gets a little grin when we play the animal game because she knows her cue is coming. The little ham wants to get to the punchline. And we happily oblige, because I figure this is just the beginning of the darndest things she is going to say.

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