My Little Green Monster

I know you have been wondering "Hey Katie, what totally awesome parenting move have you made lately that will clinch your spot in the Mother of the Year contest?"

Well readers, here is a story for the judges. It happened while my sweet baby girl was coloring last night. I decided that when your toddler has crayons is the perfect time to let your attention drift.

CeCe had already removed her shirt for the evening, but we're pretty casual around here so I didn't think twice. Always think twice, moms.

I looked up from my laptop suddenly to find my baby standing there, her mouth full of slimy, green liquid, oozing out of her smiling lips and trickling down her belly. It appeared as if she bit the head off an alien:

CeCe gnawed off a large chunk of green crayon, ground it up with her teeth and was letting it drool out of her mouth and down her half-naked body. She was quite pleased with herself:

After allowing myself a moment to laugh, I hosed her down and cleaned her teeth the best I could. A lesson was learned that night. Unfortunately, it was not CeCe learning "crayons are not food." It was Mommy learning "Don't even blink when your toddler is in possession of art supplies."

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