Stuck Like Glue

I think my daughter got into the super glue yesterday. That is the only explanation for how she seemed physically incapable of letting go of me for the majority of the day.

"How sweet, your baby wants to snuggle!" You are right, it is very cute and endearing ... for the first four hours. Then you just want to use the bathroom without holding hands with a toddler the entire time.

My 21-month-old girl's clinginess is unpredictable. She is usually a rambunctious, wild child who occupies herself by leaping off furniture and talking to herself in mirrors. But every so often she comes down with a case of "Don't you DARE put me down"-itis.

When my weary arms and hips could take no more yesterday, I popped in a DVD of "The Jungle Book" and let Baloo and King Louie take the lead for a while. CeCe was content to watch the movie ... until I dared to remove my arms from around her to check my phone. That did not go over well.

The baby grabbed my arm, put it back around her waist and firmly planted my hand on her belly, holding it hostage for the rest of the film. The look on her face said "Mommy- what were you thinking? We are CUDDLING!"

I guess I should soak up all this contact while I can. I do love snugs with my baby bear. I just wish I could grow that third arm already so I could actually do things while we cuddle. Maybe the Eagle Creek Library will let me bring home this Curious George doll once in a while (CeCe seems to be pretty content in his embrace):

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