Bossy Baby

I don’t know who bought CeCe the pair of bossypants she has been wearing, but I would really like to return them to the store. Maybe exchange them for some sweetpants, or some good-listener pants, or some always-agreeable pants.

The books warned me that around 2 years old, my baby would start having opinions. That’s an understatement.

It’s like CeCe wakes up knowing she ONLY wants to eat yogurt today. She ONLY wants to play with her farm animal puzzle and she ONLY want to watch the one episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse where Pete hosts a luau. Any deviation from this plan will be met with screaming and hissy fits.

I've found a lack of vocabulary words is a major culprit to what causes the fits. CeCe’s vocabulary expands everyday. But I can see how frustrated she gets when she knows in her mind what she is asking for, but her mouth can’t express the desire. I’ve sat in utter desperation in front of my refrigerator trying to figure out what “EE-GO!” is. It’s yogurt, by the way.

Beyond the communication gap and her specific desires each day for food and entertainment, CeCe is also bossy at the coloring table. She often drags me by my finger to her table and smacks the seat of a chair. “SIT.”

Sometimes I sit in the other chair, just for giggles. There are no giggles when I try this. Only glares and shouts of “NONONO- MY SEAT!”

So I relent and take my designated chair, and pick up some crayons. Another misstep. CeCe decides which crayons I will be coloring with. If I pick up a color that has not been assigned to me, she promptly takes it away.

I’m learning to understand the gibberish, but the outright bossiness has got to go. Because I really want to be able to use the fuchsia crayon next time we draw flowers.

Pasta is on the CeCe pre-approved food list for the time being.

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