Let 'er Roll!

Instead of a Mommy's Favorite Things, this installment should be called "Mommy's Favorite Place." I'd like to take a minute to brag about my future Olympian, and give a shout out to her awesome gymnastics class.

In lieu of birthday or Christmas presents this year, I decided to request a hobby for CeCe. We don't need any more toys in this house, and the child's closet is already overstuffed with new clothes. So instead of stuff piled on stuff, I asked the grandparents for donations to an activity fund. And the activity we chose was gymnastics.

The Little Gym on Richmond Road in Lexington offered a free introductory class. We took CeCe just to see how she would react, and there was no turning back- our little girl was hooked. We sang, played with music shakers, worked on coordination and following directions, and that doesn't even touch on the actual gym equipment.

So far CeCe has learned to do a front roll (which is now done repeatedly across the living room floor on a daily basis), climbed a mini-rock wall, walked the balance beam, hung from the uneven bars and more. We can attend one class and one practice session a week, and it has been a great relief to know we have gym time coming up when the little gal has excess energy to burn.

Parent/child classes start for babies as young as four months old, and tuition is $72 a month. We adore the staff and it's such fun to hear CeCe shout "Gym! Climb! Reach!" when we leave the house to head to class.

Here is our future Gabby Douglas on the balance beam:

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