My Coffee Cutie

My daughter has inherited many things from me. My eyes, my hair, my typical voice volume- and apparently my relationship with coffee.

I started drinking coffee as a teenager. I remember it being something I shared with my dad, and the caffeine monster quickly took hold of my brain. Several cups a day isn't out of the question for me. Switching to decaf while pregnant was no picnic. I missed my java more than wine.

Now I have my fancy Keurig brewer, and I can count on CeCe each morning to come running when she hears the gurgle of the water reservoir. But the nifty K-Cup carousel is what she's really after:

Each K-Cup fits into a hole on this lazy-susan-style contraption. And CeCe will work diligently to return each little pod of coffee to it's home (after she dumps them all out on the floor, of course.)

This is yet another moment in parenthood that I ask myself, "Why do we spend money on toys again?"

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