Playing with Felt

Desperate for a reprieve from the noise-making, light-flashing toys in our living room, I channeled my inner Girl Scout looking to earn her arts and crafts badge. I headed to Wal-Mart’s crafts section with $5, and ended up with a new activity station in my kitchen that keeps CeCe entertained for hours:

My favorite part of this project is the cost. A sheet of felt is 20 cents at Wal-Mart, so you have endless possibilities for low cost. Grab whatever colors you like and a pair of scissors:

I chose four blank backgrounds to work with. They are simply different colors of felt taped to the wall.

The deep blue reminded me of the ocean so I started with an under water scene. I cut out some fish, a starfish, a shark and plant life.

In addition to the ocean, I made a sky with butterflies, some basic shapes, and started a jungle with some animals (with the help of CeCe’s aunties and their animal tracing skills.) Here is how it all turned out:

CeCe can mix and match all the felt pieces, so we sometimes have a cheetah in the ocean or a turtle flying in the sky. Since felt sticks to felt, there are no adhesive materials required. Simply stick the shape to the background and there it stays! Hours of entertainment for pennies!

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