A Lion in a TuTu

Pinterest is like crack for crafters. And for moms. And people who like to cook. Or shop. Or look at things. Pinterest is like universal crack.

I've seen several DIY projects where people turned old entertainment centers into play kitchens for their children. Since new televisions don't fit into these old square-shaped units, craigslist is always chock-full of used ones for cheap or free. CeCe already had a play kitchen, but I decided I wanted a more organized toy system for her. So the Master Toy Station was born:

The DVD cubbies are perfect for holding books, and the shelves meant for a DVD player or VHS player hold puzzles and toys. Just kidding. No one has VHS players anymore.

I took some hooks and screwed them into the "ceiling" of where a TV would sit. This is the dress-up closet. I've found that when CeCe's toys are visible she is more likely to keep herself entertained. The toy box and canvas bins were handy, but you couldn't see what was in them.

Of course, now CeCe often wants to play with everything at once, or wear everything at once. Here she is after she put on every article of clothing in her dress-up collection:

This includes a tu-tu, two Disney princess dresses and a lion's costume, which she calls the Tiger. So we have Beauty and the Beast in one cute little package. She was content to wear it all afternoon, even when our attention wandered to other toys:

The toy center is my favorite way to organize CeCe's things so far. And for a craigslist find that cost me less than $20 total, you can't beat the price.

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