Our DIY Book Nook

Six months after moving into our new house, I still have an infinite number of projects on my "want-to-do" list. But the priority project is complete- CeCe's Book Nook.

We are big RIF advocates in this house, so within days of moving in I wanted to establish a place dedicated to books for CeCe. The office closet doors came off and a small shelf and wooden toy chest set the scene:


My mother sewed a curtain to hide all my craft supplies on the top shelf, and she made a skirt to hide the toy box while still allowing us to open it. I painted some letters to spell out "READ" on the back wall. We added some throw pillows, and cushions from the Lawn & Garden Department at Target. The end result is quite pretty, if I say so myself.


The inspiration came from Pinterest. We already had the shelf and toy chest, so our cost was minimal. The actual effort required to build this space could easily be done in a number of hours. But the most important part is the message this space sends to my daughter. I want her to know that books are special and reading is an activity to be valued. I hope her nook helps her understand that!

Mommy's Favorite Toy Tools

We have a slew of princess dresses and pink-clad baby dolls in my toddler's toy chest, but her interest fell on the opposite end of the toy spectrum last week. We have a little Handy Minnie on our hands.

Matt is building a computer, and CeCe has decided she will be his assistant for this project. She grabbed a tiny screwdriver and started "helping" the day he stripped the PC down.

She was so drawn to the tools, placing screws in various holes and twisting the screwdriver in her hands. I grabbed a Toys R Us gift card and headed out to find our girl her own tool set.

I originally envisioned a plastic tool set, but the Fisher Price brand tools were extremely over-the-top. Each tool made noise, had flashing lights and were oddly proportioned. I knew my gal would see right through these faux-tools. Luckily I found the Imaginarium Tool Box:
This brightly colored set has a little hammer, wrench, nails, nuts and bolts. It is simple, no bells or whistles, but CeCe spends hours playing with it. For $14.99 it is a steal. This is definitely one of Mommy's Favorite Things, and now we have the most adorable handygirl at our disposal.