DIY Magnet Board

Is anyone else like me and couldn't even see their refrigerator door from all the drawings, pictures and magnets that dominated every square inch?

I thought it was great that CeCe enjoyed playing with her alphabet magnets. But when she would plop down in front of the fridge for a magnet session and I was trying to retrieve ingredients for dinner, it became a game of "Move" and "Stop It" that neither of us enjoyed very much.

Enter- The Magnet Board. Pinterest has several hundred thousand Pins advising folks to just cover a cheap cookie sheet with fabric and, voila! A cute magnet board that you can put anywhere!

It sounds simple. I, however, could not accept that and had to make my DIY magnet board a process that involved a power drill and using red ribbon with pink fabric. Yuck.

Here is CeCe with her Magnet Board now:

First, Pinterest says to buy a cheap cookie sheet to use. I decided to buy a nice new cookie sheet for myself and use my old grimy one for the project. I hot-glued some scrap fabric around the metal sheet and it looked adorable (on one side at least.)

Now the problem: Command strips wouldn't adhere to the fabric on the back so my original plan to hang the board flat against the wall using the sticky strips was scrapped. Actually, the cookie sheet had ridges on the ends, so it wouldn't have laid flat anyway. I did not plan very well.

Instead I had Matt bring in the drill and he drilled two small holes at the top of the sheet. I then took the only ribbon I had lying around and threaded it through the holes, tying it in the back. I had a hook already on the wall from a previous project, so that was a stroke of luck.

But overall, it works. The magnets stick to the cookie sheet perfectly. When CeCe is done playing with the magnets, we can put them in a little tote bag and hang it from the hook as well. Not bad for a project that costs pennies.

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  1. Anonymous9:14 AM

    Love seeing how a pinterest idea works out!