The Parent Olympics

I apologize for the hiatus on my blog writing this month. I've been training extensively for the Parent Olympics.

You see, I love the Summer Olympics. Mostly because it means my daughter can wear her 4th of July outfit more than once. But I am a rabid fan of the Parent Olympics, and this one doesn't wait every four years to come around. It's a daily event.

The Parent Olympics is open to moms and dads of any nationality, any marital status, with children of any age. There are a variety of categories but my favorites include:

  • Speed Cleaning For Unexpected Company
  • Diaper Change Races
  • Hurdling Over Toys To Reach Your Child Before They Swallow Something Questionable They Found Under The Couch
  • The Hallway Dash To Find Your Child When You Realize They Are No Longer In The Living Room
  • And the most competitive event of the games: Who Can Function Best On The Least Amount Of Sleep
You probably didn't even know you were training too. CeCe is a pretty tough trainer. She cuts me very little slack. Even during her nap time I have to practice Speed Cleaning. I know she's proud of me though. She expresses it through cuddles, which is definitely worth more than a gold medal.

Here is CeCe after a long day of intense physical training:

I'm thinking about incorporating the panda hat into our team uniform.

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