DIY Alphabet Flashcards

After a bit of a blogging break for no good excuse at all, I decided I should offer any readers a peace offering to apologize for my absence. That gift is a super awesome DIY project to make for your smarty-pants kiddos.

My friend Kellie came over one day with these alphabet flash cards she had made. Her one-year-old daughter seemed to enjoy the cards and she could name any letter by sight. So naturally, I stole the idea to use on CeCe.

Here is the cheapest, easiest tutorial ever on how to make alphabet flashcards for your toddler:

Step One: Take 26 paint color samples from the store. They are free and Wal-Mart has plenty. I got a variety of colors, to mix up the quizzing even more.

Step Two: Punch a hole in the same place on each card.

Step Three: Write a letter of the alphabet on each card.

Step Four: Secure all the cards on a binder ring, a carabiner, or something circular-ish that clasps shut. I actually had to glue the binder ring shut once the cards were on, since my mischievous toddler would open it up and toss the cards everywhere.

Step Four: Quiz your kiddo on the letters of the alphabet and colors. You're done!

This is a great learning toy, it's ridiculously cheap and easy to throw in your diaper bag for on-the-go. Many thanks to Kellie for the brilliant idea!

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