Toddler Volcanoes

Time for another Pin-tested, life-saver of a cool toddler activity!

I've never been good at science. My interest in the subject waned once we stopped watching Bill Nye videos in school. But some good old baking soda, vinegar and food coloring makes me look like a freaking rocket scientist to my two-year-old.

I tried this project with my six-year-old nephew and five-year-old niece first. It was a hit. Cheap, easy and fun for kids? Check, check and CHECK!

Step One: Pour baking soda on a plate or baking tray.
Step Two: Mix food coloring with vinegar.
Step Three: Let kid use medicine dropper to drop vinegar onto baking soda and smile contently as they shout "Look! VOLCANO!"

I was skeptical that a young toddler would be as invested as the kindergartners were in the project, but CeCe had a blast. She would hand me her plate and ask for "more white" so she could keep making "volcanoes."

It is also a great activity for those fine motor skills. CeCe had to learn how to squeeze the bulb to suck the vinegar up, and then again to pour it out. This is definitely a five-star activity in our house now. Rainy days, you are no match for Pinterest!