Hair Ties and Toddlers

At only two years old, my daughter is facing one of womankind's most daunting challenges: "How Should I Fix My Hair?"

CeCe has what I like to call "A Confused Mullet." It's straight in the front, and a mass of curls in the back. It also  tends to turn into a rat's nest of tangles and peanut butter by the end of each day if it's not pulled back. That's where the challenge comes in.

I was adamantly against big bows and headbands on CeCe when she was an infant. She didn't have any hair to pull back, why would she need a headband? But now I see it would have been a good training exercise.

CeCe won't wear headbands, and I realize if I had stuck them on her head at birth she would have been conditioned to wear them by now. But I didn't and she won't. 

She unfortunately inherited the combination of my curls and her dad's cowlicks. And she has a double crown so her hair instinctively swirls in opposite directions. This leaves me with few styling options, but lately we are trying.

She is a big fan of certain styles:

"The Pigtails" 

"The Whale Spout"

And "The Miley Cyrus"

Two hours tends to be the limit for her coif, and then she's yanking out the elastics faster than you can say "Don't you look SOOOOOO cute!"

I am searching for creative ways to fix my toddler's hair that doesn't require her to sit still for any extended period of time, and can work with uneven lengths of hair on all parts of her head. Until then, it's at least pretty funny trying to teach my husband how to work a hair tie.


  1. We just started putting up my daughters hair too. My hubby hasn't gotten to the point of sharing that responsibility but it'll happen soon just you wait!

  2. I'm thinking of having her dad practice on a doll a few times, haha!