My Grocery Gal

Each day I try to do one learning activity and one out-of-the-house adventure with CeCe. Our new routine of grocery shopping combines those two things. I’ve learned that if I hand over the reins to my two-year-old, grocery shopping is like school.

First I print out CeCe’s shopping list. This is one of our usuals:

Her shopping cart is actually an $8 buy from Kroger. It included tiny cardboard boxes of play food, but we use it more for this functional purpose. It’s a good height for a toddler and gives CeCe so much freedom throughout the store:

Often we have produce on the list and I include the quantities we need so she can practice counting as well. She loves to take her marker and check items off as we shop:

I also let her hand over the Kroger card and help put away the bags. I want her to learn responsibility along with associating pictures with the actual objects, counting, manners and maybe a few sight words along the way. It also helps that aisles are numbered, so I tell her to find aisle 13 and she treats it like a scavenger hunt.

Grocery shopping is still a major chore, but these mini-trips are a great time for both of us. It takes MUCH longer than usual to get through the store, but if you have the patience, it’s worth the slow pace.

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