Princesses Don't Wear Pants

I respect my two-year-old's fashion choices. Dora nightgown with silver high-top sneakers? Sounds fab. Pink tights and the top half of her lion costume? Let's go to Target! But I can't get over the absolute refusal to wear bottoms. Because "princesses don't wear pants."

So thanks, Disney. CeCe was wearing a dress today that has gotten too small. My solution was to throw some shorts under it, and wham bam- adorable tunic ensemble. WRONG!

We had a WWF wrestling match in my living room over the shorts. She clutched her plastic tiara and bucked her legs around screaming "NO PANTS! IMMA PRIN-CESS!"

I desperately shuffled through our DVD collection and whipped out Aladdin, thrusting the cover in her eye line. "Look CeCe- Princess Jasmine wears pants!" Unless you can tell me wear to buy blue harem pants in 2T, I lost that battle.

Would it be that hard for Disney to put out a special edition series where Cinderella wears jeans? She's cleaning the house for heaven's sake, it would be completely realistic. Or maybe Sleeping Beauty throws on some sweatpants before she falls into her deep slumber.

I don't mind that CeCe likes playing princess. She also pretends to be a pirate, a dinosaur and a doctor on a regular basis. But this is the only fixation that has such fashion constraints. My plan is to buy two different Barbies and Frankenstein them together until I have a princess doll wearing a tiara, flannel shirt, tutu and skinny jeans underneath. Or maybe that's just what I'll wear next time we need to go out.

Apparently princesses don't wear shirts either. I give up.

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