The Diaper Days Are Over

It's finally happened. The patience paid off, the switch was finally flipped, and CeCe is now potty-trained! Mostly.

Last week I decided to go the "No More Diapers, Deal With It" approach. We got her super excited for big girl panties, made potty chairs available all over the house, and then braced ourselves for a rough week.

That first day she peed on herself, the floor, and me at least five times each. Not one drop landed in a potty. But she quickly realized her options were to constantly be drenched in urine, or get in tune with her body's signals.

Day two saw about 50 percent of potty business actually make it into the potty. By day four, we were right on schedule for no accidents.

I hung this up on our refrigerator as encouragement:

I haven't calculated what we will save on diapers now, but I'm guessing we can start buying brand name toilet paper again. Livin' large!

I read plenty of books and blogs on potty-training, but in the end, I just went with my gut. I do have a few tips for anyone else trying this all-or-nothing method:

1. Offer the potty once an hour. Before you leave the house. Before you leave the place you left the house for. Don't ever get in the car before offering the potty.

2. If you have to bathe after a bad accident, keep it short and strictly business. Don't let it become play-time in the bath. 

3. Have her or him help you clean up accidents. Don't shame your child for it, but let them know it's much easier to wipe and flush than it is to scrub a carpet stain.

4. Buy more underwear. Like, all of it. Sweep the shelves and buy more than you think you could possibly need. Or be prepared for laundry to take over your life.

Happy Potty-Training, parents! May the odds be ever in your favor.

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