Cheap and Easy Shapes Craft

Glue sticks are my new best friend. CeCe and I do crafts together most days, and glue sticks have opened a world of possibilities. Our latest go-to project is the shape-matching game. All you need is construction paper, scissors, a marker and a glue stick.

I cut some shapes out of construction paper, and then trace them onto a white sheet of paper.

Bam. So easy. I end up with a "worksheet" that looks like this:

Yes, I know you can buy workbooks like this. But I have a surplus of construction paper and I don't like leaving the house. So after I create our worksheet, I give CeCe the shapes and a glue stick. The rest is a lovely stretch of quiet concentration.

I sometimes mix it up by shading in the blank shapes with crayons so she also has to match the color and not just the shape. This is week two in my challenge to find activities using only what we have in our giant crafts basket. I think the shapes puzzle is definitely going on our favorites list.

Sorry this photo is blurry. She rarely stops moving.

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