The Calm Down Chair

We all have those days. Those miserable, super-sensitive, everyone-is-out-to-get-me days. Toddlers are no different, except in their ability to handle those days.

If you're on Facebook, you are no stranger to the people who seem to live only these kinds of days and enthusiastically share how AWFUL everything is through status updates. But most of us are able to put on our big girl panties and ride out the storm. CeCe is definitely ready for bluer skies today.

Tantrums and bad days have been heavy for my girl this week. Maybe some of the blame goes to the time change and how her internal clock is confused. Maybe the colder weather taking away her sunshine is the culprit. Maybe the planets aligned in just the right way to cause some cosmic-induced mood change.

A friend of mine created a parenting group on Facebook and recently posed the question about dealing with tantrums. Many moms use singing, speaking in soothing tones and gentle touches to ease their toddlers out of a fit. We use: The Calm Down Chair

This is the glider I've had since CeCe was an infant, and we rock in it every day and evening before sleeping. Now, I use it as a safe space too. When CeCe has a tantrum at home, I decided to not try to forcibly stop her. After all, ladies, what pisses us off more than anything? When someone tells us to calm down, (when we WEREN'T riled up to begin with. But now we are!)

Instead of pleading with her to calm down, or walking away and leaving her to deal with it, I scoop her flailing body up and we head to the Calm Down Chair. She cries, I rock. I don't do much of anything, I just wait. But she knows I am there. 

The results: tantrum times are waaaaaaay shorter than they used to be. She lets out her feelings and can move on quickly. As adults, we all talk about needing stress relief, or needing to just "let it out" sometimes. Why are our children any different? 

Let me know if you have any tantrum-techniques to share. I know each child is different, so if you haven't found the key for your kiddo yet, just remember "there is no way to be a perfect parent, but a million ways to be a good one."

Happy Tantrum-Free Tuesday! (Hopefully.)

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