My Mommy Resolutions

I can’t recall a single News Years resolution I have ever made. That is probably a good indicator that I did not stick to them.

But today is that magical day where Facebook is flowing with declarations and promises. Everyone sets goals to lose weight, save money, travel more, worry less, or something generic about “not letting haters get me down anymore!”

As parents making resolutions, the last thing we need is more pressure on ourselves. I choose to let New Years be a gentle reminder of ways I can better serve my daughter.

Here are my Mommy Resolutions for the New Year:

1) I will embrace the mess. Constant cleaning is futile. My floors will never be free of peanut butter smears and I accept that. I feel that when I learn to overlook the clutter, my eyes may be opened to the sense of warmth and life it brings my home.

2) I will lower my voice. Choosing discipline methods for a child is like walking a tight-rope covered in Vaseline. You can easily slip into too much or not enough without meaning to. It is instinct to shout “NO!” when you walk in on your toddler using crayons on the wall. I will remember that my child is not a dog, and shouting commands is not helpful.

3) We will eat meals together. Even if it’s just Hamburger Helper. Even if it’s just a snack. I will find time in every day to sit down at a table, give thanks, and nourish my body in the presence of my child. I cannot expect her to do so without my example.

4) I will go to the park. We will use our snow boots, our raincoats or our sunscreen. The weather is not an excuse to become a hermit. Barring extreme weather, I will take us outside. It shouldn’t have to be 70 degrees and sunny to enjoy nature.

5) I will re-date my husband. Being a parent is great. But being a partner is what got me here. I will date, flirt with, and enjoy time with my husband, because the strength of my marriage enables me to give that much more energy to my child.

6) I will leave my daughter alone. After a busy day at school, she may need her space. I want her to recognize the value of alone time and know that she is pretty great company all on her own. Being social and friendly are great attributes, but so is the ability to find comfort in your own presence.

7) I will make it a habit to say “I Love You”, even when angry. My goal is to never let any temporary emotion hinder my ability to say “I Love You” to my child. I may be tired or upset, but I will work hard to always keep my mind clear enough to speak those truest words to her.

Happy New Year to all my wonderful friends, family and readers. I hope whatever goals and promises you make this year help build a more loving and fulfilling life for you and your families.

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