Be Wrong As Long as You Can

There are so many times my daughter is wrong throughout the day. How she reads situations, and especially her pronunciation. And I don't want to correct any of it.

CeCe is three and a half years old. She has already lost all her baby chub and feels dangerously close to kindergarten. But there are a few things that keep her my small, innocent kiddo. Things like:

  • How she calls it a "chimichongo" when we have Mexican food for dinner.
  • How anytime she sees someone crying on TV, she immediately says "They must miss their mommy."
  • How her shoes never end up on the right feet. Statistically speaking, she should get it right at least sometimes. But she doesn't. (Same goes for underwear being on backwards.)
  • How most "L" sounds still come out like "W." So she paints a bwue sky and woves pancakes.
  • How she knows that since she is three, I must be five whole years old. Because that is waaaay older.
  • How when she looks at our wedding photos she calls it "the time we all got married."
  • How she can look at a group of something and declare "They're ALL my favorite!"
  • How she thinks my full name is actually "Mommy Kathryn Downs."
  • How when we get frozen yogurt she says we're going to "The Orange Tree."

Far too soon, she'll know all the right words and phrases, and dress herself with no help at all. So I'm holding on to these little errors, because they will help me remember how sweet and pure the world was when she was just "fwee years old."


When She Cries

The evolution of my child's cries has been a strange thing. As a newborn, it was short bursts of staccato cries. As she gained lung capacity, her cry noises became more like air raid sirens. Stretched out wails that intensified as the scream continued.

Now, as a toddler, we get the type of cry that begins as just a red face and open mouth, but no sound initially comes out. When it does, it sounds like a pterodactyl shriek.

My three-year-old cries for a variety of reasons. Some justified (like when she falls on the sidewalk and scrapes her knee, or when she is so tired she can't remember why she is crying in the first place.) Other events do not warrant a sob-fest, but are treated with one anyway (like when we dress her in the wrong color of sweatpants, or ask her to please not eat the glue stick.)

While the crying can sometimes be exhausting, the bright side of all the tears shone on me the other day.

I was having an exceptionally bad day and was fighting tears of my own. I sat on the couch with my head in my hands, and felt ten tiny fingers suddenly take hold of my cheeks.

"Mommy, it's ok. Shhh..."

CeCe kissed my forehead, pulled me to rest on her shoulder, and started singing "You Are My Sunshine." My child knew compassion and she knew how to comfort. My tears flowed harder after that, but for much happier reasons.

The sobs of a toddler can often be frustrating. But it can also be the best learning opportunity. I'm trying to view each tear she sheds as the chance to teach her how to empathize, and for her to see that it's okay to be vulnerable. Because we will always be here to sing away the tears for each other.

Occasional tears are worth it for a smile like this.


My Little Neptunian

My three-year-old's first words of the day are usually, "Good morning," or a simple "Hi Mommy!"

But earlier this week, I walked in to her room at 7 a.m., saw her smiling face and heard her say "I'm from planet Neptune."

What a way to start the morning.

CeCe has really gotten into planets lately. From her outer space T-shirt to pretending cardboard boxes are rocket ships, she really is grooving on the solar system.

One of our favorite Youtube videos is this one by KidsTV123. It's a super mellow tune that teaches her a few tidbits about each planet, and she will watch it on repeat if we let her.

I'm looking for more kids videos or books about planets and the solar system, so please leave suggestions if you have a little future astronaut in your house too!

This was when she claimed to be from Mercury.


First Day of School

CeCe started preschool this week. If you are wondering how the first day went, I will admit that there were tears. My tears. She was fine.

We are lucky to be attending Faith Lutheran in Lexington, and there is no joy like that of hearing your child ask, "Is it time to go to school yet?!"

It is an adjustment, being away from her all day. I started a new job as well, but it allows me to pick her up from school and be home every night for dinner. I miss weekday story time and afternoon arts and crafts with my Bear. But hearing her tales of playground games is a worthy substitute.