My Little Neptunian

My three-year-old's first words of the day are usually, "Good morning," or a simple "Hi Mommy!"

But earlier this week, I walked in to her room at 7 a.m., saw her smiling face and heard her say "I'm from planet Neptune."

What a way to start the morning.

CeCe has really gotten into planets lately. From her outer space T-shirt to pretending cardboard boxes are rocket ships, she really is grooving on the solar system.

One of our favorite Youtube videos is this one by KidsTV123. It's a super mellow tune that teaches her a few tidbits about each planet, and she will watch it on repeat if we let her.

I'm looking for more kids videos or books about planets and the solar system, so please leave suggestions if you have a little future astronaut in your house too!

This was when she claimed to be from Mercury.