Be Wrong As Long as You Can

There are so many times my daughter is wrong throughout the day. How she reads situations, and especially her pronunciation. And I don't want to correct any of it.

CeCe is three and a half years old. She has already lost all her baby chub and feels dangerously close to kindergarten. But there are a few things that keep her my small, innocent kiddo. Things like:

  • How she calls it a "chimichongo" when we have Mexican food for dinner.
  • How anytime she sees someone crying on TV, she immediately says "They must miss their mommy."
  • How her shoes never end up on the right feet. Statistically speaking, she should get it right at least sometimes. But she doesn't. (Same goes for underwear being on backwards.)
  • How most "L" sounds still come out like "W." So she paints a bwue sky and woves pancakes.
  • How she knows that since she is three, I must be five whole years old. Because that is waaaay older.
  • How when she looks at our wedding photos she calls it "the time we all got married."
  • How she can look at a group of something and declare "They're ALL my favorite!"
  • How she thinks my full name is actually "Mommy Kathryn Downs."
  • How when we get frozen yogurt she says we're going to "The Orange Tree."

Far too soon, she'll know all the right words and phrases, and dress herself with no help at all. So I'm holding on to these little errors, because they will help me remember how sweet and pure the world was when she was just "fwee years old."


  1. Ohh What a lovely read! It took me back to memories of my son when he was the same age. Wel, he is not much older now, but yeah amazingly all grown up and the cuteness quotient slightly less.. :)

  2. Anonymous5:55 PM

    This was too perfect to read and it is really such a blessing to watch your children grow. I have a one year old, and the first year just went by too fast and I wish it could've gone by much slower but in the end, it will be memories to hold on to! Reading this also made me not be able to wait for when he can talk to me!