The Adventures of Batmom and Batgirl

A few weeks ago we encountered a situation that will unfortunately be a regular part of my daughter's life- "girls can't play superheroes." The stereotypes begin early. And it's not something this DC-lover stands for.

CeCe felt left out on the playground when the boys were playing Hulk Smash and Spiderman and she tried to join in. Her gender apparently precluded her from portraying a superhero since we all know how strict the rules of MAKE BELIEVE are.

She came home from school that day and asked if we could watch a movie about a female superhero. After Netflix let me down, I started scouring the Internet and stumbled across this book:

If you have a daughter, whether she gives a hoot about superheroes or not, buy this book. We read it last night at bedtime and instead of a second book, CeCe asked me to just read this one again. And again.

This awesome board book explains why each of these female superheroes is cool and special. It describes their superpowers and how they all have unique skills- like Batgirl loves computer programming, and Mera is especially brave for traveling to new places.

When it was time to turn off the lights, CeCe asked if she could bring the book for class Share Day next week. She also asked if she could take the book on the playground with her so that "I can show 'Johnny' all the superheroes I could be."

Well Little 'Johnny', I hope you are ready for some fierce competition in the world of superheroes. Because my little girl has a few new role models to choose from, and they're all pretty bad-ass.

Like Bat-Mother, like Bat-Daughter

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