Kind Words from Strangers

The bathroom can be a very social place for women. We tend to travel to restrooms in groups, and it's not unusual to strike up a conversation over hand-washing. 

This past weekend I attended a dear friend's wedding. During the reception, I needed to pump breastmilk for my son. I had no desire to walk in the cold to a dark parking garage and pump in my car, so I set up in a bathroom stall and went to work.

Once I felt I was drained, I took my pump parts to the sink to clean up. A lady washing her hands gave me a friendly smile and asked, "How old is your baby?"

We briefly chit-chatted about our children and she ended the conversation by saying, "Good for you. It is really great you're doing that here."

That woman had no idea how much I needed to hear that.

I'd been depressed over my lack of cute "easy nursing" clothes as I got ready for the wedding. I was feeling guilty about leaving my son with my parents for the evening. I hated pumping in a bathroom stall, where I was trying to relax for a let-down but was distracted by the sounds of urination two feet away. 

Kind words from a stranger changed my whole attitude. "Yeah," I thought. "This is really great. My outfit is just fine. I am enjoying an evening of grown-up conversation with friends. I may be in a bathroom stall, but at least I am physically able to produce milk for my baby."

So thank you, bathroom stranger. There is never a wrong time to offer a fellow mom words of encouragement.

Clearly, he is eating well.

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