First Food Fun

Ezzie hit the six-month mark and was showing all the signs that he was ready for solid foods.

We decided to skip the grains and cereals and plunged right in to whole foods.

For those of you who haven't held Ezra recently, it's important to know that he is a hefty guy. I weighed him this morning at 21 pounds. He's a bruiser with plenty of rolls and chub, which makes him all the more cuddly. We expected he would take to solid food pretty well.

First, let's flash back to CeCe's first experience with solids in 2011:

She was not thrilled. And that was apples! The sweet stuff! Now let's take a look at Ezra:

Someone enjoyed his sweet potato. He's also had avocado and bananas with equal success.
Starting solid food is always a fun journey and I look forward to seeing what he ends up loving or hating. And the clean-up is always a blast.

Here is an article I wrote about signs your baby is ready for solids and tips to get started, if you want to learn more. Happy Eating!

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