Sittin' Pretty

I remember the anticipation I felt when CeCe started to hit her physical development milestones. I was overjoyed when she started scooting, pulling up and cruising. Her first steps warranted a parade in our house.

Fast forward five years and another baby later. When it comes to mobility milestones with Ezra, I'm in no rush. Because the more he grows, the easier it is for him to get into mischief.

Ezzie has mastered the art of rolling. Once he gets started he can make it across the room in seconds flat. His other preferred method of transportation is the backwards scoot. Because the entire first floor of our house is laminate flooring, he just lays on his belly and pushes off. His clothing is like a wearable Slip-and-Slide and he goes floating backward (usually into a wall.)

These newfound abilities seem to creep up on me without much warning. For example, this happened the other day:

Here he is on all fours, looking like he might crawl! But he doesn't.

Instead of crawling, he swings his left leg under him. Wait- what?!

And now he is sitting.

The transition from all fours to a seated position is a big deal. Ezra loves to sit up and can totally get there on his own now. But you know what else he can do? Fall over easily. In fact, I may have shouted "YAY!" when I saw this and he was so startled he fell over. 

We've got a few more bumps in the road (or on his head) before he masters control over his own body. But he's getting there, far quicker than I would like. 

My big guy, I'll always remember this squishy, immobile blob with a cheek dimple that melts my heart.