My Favorite Things- The LatchPal

Since August is National Breastfeeding Month, I decided to review one of my favorite new products for breastfeeding moms.

The LatchPal is brilliant in its simplicity. Not everyone has a wardrobe of nursing clothes, with their conveniently hidden slits in the fabric. But the LatchPal makes any shirt a little more nursing-friendly.
You simply secure the clip to the top of your shirt, letting it hang down the inside. The pull it out the bottom, hook it to the clip and ta-da! Your shirt is out of the way so you can nurse or pump without it falling down.
I love that my shirt stays out of my son’s face while he nurses. When I finish pumping at work and start to clean up, the LatchPal keeps my shirt up while I get everything snapped back in place so I don’t accidentally stain my clothes with breastmilk.

Want to win a LatchPal for yourself? Enter to win on the Baby Bump Lexington Facebook page. 
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