My Favorite Things- The Pello

I try to keep our playroom divided into centers, and the Pello has been a perfect addition to our "Quiet Corner." This plush cushion is a favorite of my 5-year-old and my 11-month-old to climb on and relax with a book or toy.

The Pello folds up in half (like a taco) with handles on either side so it's easy to carry from room to room. When most people see it for the first time they joke it resembles a dog bed. This is true, but it is comfy and has cute fabric on either side. 

The Pello is meant to age with your child. It can be used for tummy time or a soft place to lay the baby while you sing and talk to him. It has a place to attach toys, and as your child grows they can use it as a place to hang out.
Ezra loves to imitate his sister.

My only con about the Pello is that the center portion (the "donut hole" if you will), is not cushioned like the outer ring. If you are using the Pello on hard floors, fold up a blanket or towel underneath to soften the area.

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