Welcome to the Club

On a lovely fall afternoon I got a text that one of my best friends was in labor. Our group message exploded with excitement about the baby. We all couldn’t wait to see his picture, learn his name and meet him in person.

As the first one in my circle to become a mother, my thoughts shifted to how my friend’s world was about to change. I texted her “Your heart is never going to be the same after today.”

We all know a baby changes your life, but until it happens you don’t really know. That shift in perspective cannot truly be appreciated until it happens to you.

During pregnancy you are excited to meet your child, nervous about being a parent and probably even scared of what the future may hold. But once he or she arrives, the world is knocked out from under your feet and you simply float on this huge cloud of feelings.

I wish I had the words to describe it to her in that text. An overwhelming swell of unimaginable love was about to take her breath away, and all I could think of was “I’m so excited for you.”

I anxiously awaited my turn to visit the new baby. I wanted to see all the new pieces of my friend that would opened up now that she is a parent. I couldn't wait to look at her as she holds her baby and think “You get it now, don’t you?”

Watching someone you love become a parent is a reality check we all would be lucky to experience every once in a while.

To witness that feeling wash over a friend helps me reconnect with my own kids. They are now a toddler and a kindergartner, but it’s easy to close my eyes and remember that knock-you-to-your-knees feeling.

I’m elated to have a new baby in our lives, but I’m also thrilled to welcome my friend to the club. The initiation is pretty awesome.
Me and sweet Mr. A.

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