My Wonder Girls

I remember when I saw the Wonder Woman preview for the first time. I dabbed at my tear-filled eyes with a scratchy movie theater napkin. My husband gave me that look that says “you’re adorable but kind of weird.”

My only words to him were “This is important.”

 It wasn’t that long ago I wrote this blog post about my daughter being denied entry to a game of “Superheroes” by her classmates. A little boy told her she could not play because she was a girl. And girls did not play superheroes.

Don’t tell me the Wonder Woman movie isn’t important.

I was lucky enough to see it with my husband and I cried again. Not just because Gal Gadot portrayed a fantastic hero whose strength is rooted in her optimism. Not just because the Amazon women battle scene was totally badass. And not just because of all the parents who brought their daughters to see the movie.

I cried because of all the parents who brought their sons to see the movie. That is just as important.

I hope the Wonder Woman franchise continues to explode. I hope the door has been blown off the hinges for superhero movies featuring a female lead.

I want my youngest daughter to ask to join a game of Superheroes one day and be told yes without hesitation, because those boys will know Wonder Woman.

Or better yet, she’ll already be leading a game of “Amazon Warriors.”


 We represent in this house.


What's in a Name?

There are three questions everyone asks a pregnant woman.
"When are you due?"
"Boy or girl?"
"What are you going to name him/her?"

The first two were easy answers for me. The third always left people in disbelief.

We never named our children before birth. Our oldest was two days old before we figured it out.

I get that some parents hear a name and they just know that's the one. Maybe it's a family name they always knew they would carry on. Maybe it's a favorite name the mom has held in her heart for many years. Or maybe it's the first one a couple agreed on and they didn't want to complicate things.

Us? We went to the hospital for the birth of our oldest with a short list. We took one look at her newborn face and knew- she wasn't any of those names. So we went back to the drawing board. He first full day of life was spent with us Googling names and saying them out loud to her sleepy face.

This led to our decision with our second and third to not stress over name ideas. We knew a name would feel right when we said it to the person it should belong to.

My advice to expectant mothers: Don't worry about choosing a name before you even finish your first trimester. Pregnancy is long. You have plenty of time and endless resources for name ideas.

Here is what we settled on:

Cecelia: The patron saint of music. Latin in origin.
Ezra: Hebrew, after the prophet and religious reformer.
Gwendolyn: Welsh name meaning "fair browed."