Breaking My Own Rules

Teaching responsibility is a big theme in our house right now. We have chore charts and try to find "learning moments" in our daily lives, but this morning I broke my own rules.

My 7-year-old is learning how to be responsible for herself. She gets dressed on her own, has to remember her red folder every day, when her library books are due, etc; She also knows if she doesn't give me enough notice for certain class projects or special school events, I might not be able to accommodate what she needs.

At 6:30 this morning she informs me it is Character Day at school, and she needs to be Harley Quinn since she and her friends are going as DC Superhero Girls.

Do I love this idea? Yes. I absolutely love this idea. Do we have a Harley Quinn costume lying around? No. We absolutely do not.

Do I have the general items needed to cobble together a Harley Quinn outfit? Again, no. We do not.

Normally I would tell CeCe this is a "learning moment." She needed to tell me ahead of time that she would need a costume. She needed to make a list of what she wanted to wear and request it a few days in advance. But then I had two thoughts:

1) I freaking love superheroes and was so excited she shares that interest.

2) She is 7 years old, and she is a human.

She also has been the most helpful kid lately. I was up at 6:30, but she and her brother had been awake since 5:30. Instead of waking me up, she took him downstairs and turned on cartoons. That is the kind of responsibility I want to reward.

So I was at Walmart by 6:40 in the morning buying red tights and cans of spray-in hair dye. I sent her off to school with a reminder that A) This was an exception to the rule that special events require notice and B) She is the coolest kid I know.