Family Photo Win

You may recall from a previous post that our 2017 family photos did not go as smoothly as I had hoped. It was kind of a hot mess.

But because my kids are growing so fast, and because moms never seem to end up in candid photos, I am committed to taking these professional pictures annually. So we set a date, a location, and asked our kids to keep it together for at least a few minutes.

This year, I had plenty to be excited about:

  • Gorgeous weather and beautiful backdrop. The Arboretum in Lexington is a treasure and we love to explore the gardens there.
  • Matching outfits. Oh yes, the girls all had matching dresses and the boys synced up their clothing too. The best part was when we finished the photos and walked around the Arboretum, people thought we were just narcissists who dressed our children to be carbon copies of us.
  • Purple hair. CeCe was rewarded with "fun hair" for the summer and opted for purple streaks. I obviously joined her because moms can have fun too!
  • Cooperative children. With the exceptions of some glowering from Gwen, my kids kept their smiles shining for almost an hour of picture-taking.

CeCe had a complete 180-attitude change from last year. Instead of hiding under a tree and sobbing, she came ready for her close-up. She swiped my red lipstick on, packed a purse with snacks and toys for her siblings and struck poses when asked.

The changes in my kids in just 12 short months is overwhelming to me. Day by day, each one is a little taller, a little stronger, knows a few more words, and has a few more (or less) teeth.

Here are some of my favorites:

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