A Coloring Book for Mom

I had a flat tire last week. Normally that kind of inconvenience would have ruined my day. Instead, it was the catalyst for something pretty great.

Once I got my van to the tire shop, I was told it would be at least an hour until they could patch my tire. Thankfully, the tire shop is right by our friendly neighborhood Kroger store which contains a Starbucks. I hiked my way to the grocery, planning on buying a tea and reading a celebrity gossip magazine to pass the time.

Instead of a magazine, a coloring book caught my eye. I know that adult coloring has been a huge craze in recent years. Coloring is a kind of creative meditation. It's supposed to be relaxing and a stress reliever.

On a whim, I bought the coloring book and a pack of colored pencils, deciding I would try to use this free hour for some self-care. It took me the full hour to do an intricate design on a page that read "Be Yourself."

Not sure what to do with my final product, I thought that my 7-year-old would appreciate it. I usually write her little notes on the napkin I stick in her lunchbox each day. The next day, I folded the completed coloring page and slipped it in the lunchbox.

She came home that afternoon and couldn't wait to tell me that she LOVED my picture. She said "thank you" repeatedly and told me that her friends were all jealous. (What mom doesn't secretly love to hear that she made her kids' friends jealous?)

That excitement has prompted me to make coloring a part of my day. Usually when the kids are in bed and I'm winding down for the evening, I will color a new page in my book and have it ready for CeCe's lunchbox the next morning.

This new tradition is so good for both of us. My coloring is not perfect. I am often outside the lines and I don't always pick the most complementing colors. But it's time away from screens, away from people, and I end up with something that makes my kid feel special.

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