Bring Back Vacation Mom

We are back in the grind of the school year and our family is still working on our daily routine.

We have three kids and two working parents, so structure and organization are necessary. Alarm clocks are set, a bulletin board holds a monthly calendar and the words “responsibility” and “expectations” are said a lot.
Keeping order during the school year isn’t exactly easy, nor does it make my kids like me very much. I realize how much I miss Summer Vacation Mom. My kids love Vacation Mom.
Vacation Mom doesn’t care if you get dressed at all that day.
Vacation Mom serves PB&J for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Vacation Mom takes naps with the kids.
But Real-Life Mom? She has schedules to keep, chores to finish and meals to plan.
I know that I can’t be Vacation Mom year-round.
Being late to school has consequences. Eating “convenience foods” in excess isn’t a healthy lifestyle. Naps are nice, but not as easy to sneak in with the To-Do list growing longer each minute.
So while I cannot be Vacation Mom 365 days a year, I am trying to bring pieces of her back to life this fall.
I can say “no” to over-scheduling, so we have more free time as a family.
I can say “yes” to my kids when they want to stay in pajamas all day on Saturdays.
I can cut myself some slack on meal planning and just order a pizza.
We can’t live every day like we are on vacation. But we can bring some of the vacation attitude to our daily lives. I think we all will be less stressed if we just put on our flip-flops and order the pizza.
Ah, Vacation Mom. You are so much more chill.