What to Ask A Babysitter

Finding a great babysitter is no easy task. Without family or friends nearby to help with childcare, you have to find a perfect stranger to trust with your children.
We’ve been extremely lucky with our past childcare providers. But we recently found ourselves needing a new regular sitter for our youngest daughter.
I posted an ad on a Facebook group that connects caregivers with parents and was inundated with responses.
I began sending out my interview questions but quickly became tired of the cookie cutter answers I received. I wanted to ask these potential sitters what I was really thinking. For example:
What I ask: What first sparked your interest in childcare?
What I mean: Do you even like kids? Because they can be really annoying.
What I ask: What types of activities do you like to do with kids?
What I mean: How much TV do you plan to watch while I’m out of
the house?
What I ask: Do you feel you provide a nurturing presence to children?
What I mean: Are you a sociopath? Please, just tell me if you are a sociopath.
What I ask: Are you CPR certified?
What I mean: Are you going to feed my child uncut grapes or wander off while she is eating?
What I ask: Do you have reliable transportation?
What I mean: How often are you going to bail on me because of  “car trouble”?
What I ask: What is your requested rate?
What I mean: Please don’t bankrupt me. Your payment is tax-free.
I realize that asking my questions in an unfiltered way is extremely unprofessional and makes me seem a little crazy.
But when choosing someone to be responsible for your children’s safety and well-being, maybe being blunt is the best way to go.
We hit the jackpot with childcare, though.

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