About Me

I was a 22-year-old in my final semester of college when I discovered I was pregnant. It's amazing how 30 seconds of urination can change your life forever. I went from being just a carefree student to mom in less than two minutes in that bathroom stall.

Once the initial "holy crap" feeling wore off, my husband and I decided to dive head first into parenthood and I quickly learned one thing: no book can truly prepare you for what this maternal state of being brings.

Now I'm a mama to a kindergartner, a toddler and my third baby is on the way! My blog is a chance to share my experiences on pregnancy, the baby years, the toddler years and now *gulp* elementary school.

I am editor of BabyBumpLexington.com, the maternity website for the parenting publication Lexington Family Magazine. There I discuss pregnancy and new parent issues. I encourage you to visit the site and participate in the conversation. We also have sweet giveaways.

I hope you enjoy "My New Heartbeat." Thanks for reading!