Food for Thought

Below are links to articles I find to be useful or interesting:

If you are located in Central Kentucky, visit for tons of info on breastfeeding, prenatal care, local maternity services and more.

When traveling with children, check out Travel Mamas for tips and detailed packing lists.

If you are curious about Kangaroo Care, check out this article for the nuts and bolts. It's amazing how simple skin-to-skin contact with your baby can provide so many health benefits, especially for preemies.

Did the quality of your relationship drop after your baby was born? Because according to this Wall Street Journal article, about two-thirds of parents reported a nose-dive in their love life post-baby.

The American Academy of Pediatrics advises against genetic testing of children for certain adult onset conditions. But in this study, they found parents thought the benefits outweighed the risks. What would you do if presented with the option?

The New York Times wrote this article about how many "single moms" aren't actually single, but cohabiting with their partner. Interesting trend on how many parents are choosing to delay marriage.

This is a checklist you can use when creating your birth plan. Or you can at least take it to your next OB appointment to generate some questions for your doctor:

So many things to think about when picking a name. Here is a Baby Center article about things to consider (like initials and sound quality):